Friday, April 9, 2010

First look at the cover for Pride and Prejudice's Vampires!

As promised, here is the brand new cover for Pride and Prejudice's Vampires, designed by my friend and cover artist SavannahAnn McMillan at Netherfield House Press! I have to say I was totally blown away by this cover. I had no idea how in the world she would manage to mix both the historical Regency cover style with the gothic vampire theme of my story, but she did it. Doesn't this cover just look absolutely deliciously creepy and haunting? I can't wait to get a copy of the book in print!

I can picture Elizabeth Bennet walking along in the woods in Rosings Park, reading that infamous letter of explanation from Mr. Darcy, so lost in his words that she hasn't noticed she's stopped by a dark and shadowy mausoleum at the edge of the park as the gloom of twilight settles on the woods.

Here's the book's blurb...

This is the long awaited, much requested vampire adaptation for Jane Austen's beloved Pride and Prejudice.

Featuring much of the original text with updated editing for easier reading plus paranormal additions throughout, in this version you will learn the real reason why Mr. Darcy is so brooding and unsocial at the balls... why he was so against a match between Mr. Bingley and Miss Jane Bennet... the real reasons why Lady Catherine de Bourgh was so insistent upon her sickly daughter marrying Mr. Darcy... the sanity-threatening secrets Mr. Darcy kept from his friend... the true hidden dangers in Lydia's elopement with Mr. Wickham... and the real reasons behind Miss Bingley's less-than-charming ways.

Author Introduction

Hi! As my first post on my brand new blog to celebrate, shamelessly promote, and otherwise overshare about my writing efforts, I guess here would be a good place to properly introduce myself.

My name is Ann Hassell, and I am a writer...and soon to be a professional author!

I've always been addicted to writing, but only lately have I felt the overwhelming urge to actually share what I write. Then my friend told me about a new publishing company called Netherfield House Press that she creates book covers for. Since one of the stories languishing in my desk drawer was a vampire adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice (where they got the name for their company apparently, according to the publisher's recent blog post), I decided to take a chance and send this in to them.

And they actually liked my story! So my very first fiction novel, Pride and Prejudice's Vampires, will soon be in both print and digital formats at and several other retail sites, including,,,,, and a few others! In a separate post, I'll show the cover my friend and resident NHP cover artist SavannahAnn McMillan created for me, along with the sales blurb. Also coming will be an interactive exerpt, contests, giveaways, some fun stuff that will tie in with the book, and a few other things I've got lined up. Stay tuned for more to come soon!